Thomas E. Hansen-Hagge

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In the present study methods are described for the analysis of the genomic structure of DNA isolated from tissues that have been stored up to several years as air-dried or stained bone marrow smears, bone marrow biopsies in “Histicon”, chromosomal preparations in fixative or as formalin fixed tissues embedded in paraffin. By application of the new(More)
A Lab-On-Chip system with an instrument is presented which is capable of performing total sample preparation and automated extraction of nucleic acid from human cell samples fixed in a methanol based solution. The target application is extraction of mRNA from cervical liquid based cytology specimens for detection of transformed HPV-infections. The device(More)
The paper presents the development of a "proof-of-principle" hands-free and self-contained diagnostic platform for detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) E6/E7 mRNA in clinical specimens. The automated platform performs chip-based sample preconcentration, nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and real-time fluorescent detection with minimal user(More)
Stopped-flow technology is frequently used to monitor rapid (bio)chemical reactions with high temporal resolution, e.g., in dynamic investigations of enzyme reactions, protein interactions, or molecular transport mechanisms. However, conventional stopped-flow devices are often overly complex, voluminous, or costly. Moreover, excessive amounts of sample are(More)
A microsystem integrating electrochemical detection for the simultaneous detection of protein markers of breast cancer is reported. The microfluidic platform was realized by high precision milling of polycarbonate sheets and features two well distinguishable sections: a detection zone incorporating the electrode arrays and the fluid storage part. The(More)
The human recombination activating gene 1 (RAG1) has previously been mapped to chromosomes 14q and 11p. Here we confirm the chromosome 11 assignment by two independent approaches: autoradiographic and fluorescence in situ hybridization to metaphase spreads and analysis of human-hamster somatic cell hybrid DNA by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and(More)
An ultrafast microfluidic PCR module (30 PCR cycles in 6 min) based on the oscillating fluid plug concept was developed. A robust amplification of native genomic DNA from whole blood samples could be achieved at operational conditions established from systematic investigations of key parameters including heat transfer and in particular flow velocities.(More)
Lymphocytes expressing a/3 or -yS T-cell receptors (TCR) represent distinct T-cell populations. Because TCRS genes lie within the TCRa locus, the rearrangement processes, transcription, and translation of TCRS or TCRa variable domain exons require tight regulation. Human precursor B-cell leukemias (eg, the REH cell line) constitute an interesting model to(More)
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