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More and more mobile objects are now equipped with sensors allowing real time monitoring of their movements. Nowadays, the data produced by these sensors can be stored in spatio-temporal databases. The main goal of this article is to perform a data mining on a huge quantity of mobile object's positions moving in an open space in order to deduce its(More)
The overlay process is currently one of the main computational solutions used to integrate several data layers from different sources. Unfortunately, it is problematic when trying to overlay many layers. This leads to several geometric problems such as the management of sliver polygons. This paper proposes a new merging process to complement the vector(More)
Building multiple representations is one of the key problems in GIS. To tackle this problem, we have chosen to connect geographic data from mono-scale representations to build a multi-scale database with scale-transition relationships. These scale-transition relationships connect two sets of elements (classes, types or objects) representing the same(More)
Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) currently used to detect and warn about possible maritime navigation collisions are a suitable solution for well equipped ships, but are unfortunately quite expensive and difficult to maintain for small ships and pleasure boats. The Share-Loc project purpose is to design and implement an alternative maritime navigation(More)