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Microarray analysis of complementary DNA (cDNA) allows large-scale, comparative, gene expression profiling of two different cell populations. This approach has the potential for elucidating the primary transcription events and genetic cascades responsible for increased glioma cell motility in vitro and invasion in vivo. These genetic determinants could(More)
A new migration assay, the time-lapse individual cell migration assay (TIM-assay), was developed, which allows the observation of cells over 24 h under controlled conditions. Using this technique, the migratory behavior of 8 human glioblastoma cell lines in vitro was studied. Special features are simultaneous documentation of migratory parameters of(More)
Several active attacks on user privacy in the World Wide Web using cookies or active elements (Java, Javascript, ActiveX) are known. One goal is to identify a user in consecutive Internet session to track and to profile him (such a profile can be extended by personal information if available). In this paper, a passive attack is presented that uses(More)
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