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Our current understanding of the primate cerebral cortex (neocortex) and in particular the posterior, sensory association cortex has matured to a point where it is possible to develop a family of graphical models that capture the structure, scale and power of the neocor-tex for purposes of associative recall, sequence prediction and pattern completion among(More)
1 Abstract This paper describes some extensions to the reductionist planning paradigm typified by Sacerdoti's NOAH program. Certain inadequacies of the partial ordering scheme used in NOAH are pointed out and a new architecture is detailed which circumvents these problems. An example from the semi-automated factory domain is used to illustrate features of(More)
In this work we present an approach to solving time-critical decision-making problems by taking advantage of domain structure to expand the amount of time available for processing dif-cult combinatorial tasks. Our approach uses predictable variability in computational demands to allocate on-line deliberation time and exploits problem regularity and(More)
We present an approach to designing real-time systems based on dynamically sequencing condition-speciic task-execution schedules. A system that dynamically alters its real-time execution component provides ex-ibility in the face of changing on-line conditions. For domains in which real-time response and safety must be guaranteed at design time, achieving(More)