Thomas De Broucker

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Ten patients with clinical tuberous sclerosis were examined with CT and MR imaging, before and after IV contrast in order to determine the role of Gd-DTPA. Gd-DTPA enhancement occured in eleven subependymal nodules which did not enhance on CT after IV contrast. As illustrated by previous CT and pathologic observations and related to the histologic(More)
The authors present four cases of tuberous sclerosis examined with MRI. The patho-anatomic aspects are reviewed and analysed with respect to MRI data. MRI appears superior to the CT particularly for imaging of cortical tubers, cystic lesions, and heterotopic clusters; these last two features were never described with MRI before. Here is also presented the(More)
Thrombomodulin is expressed at the surface of endothelial cells and controls thrombin generation and thrombin-induced platelets and vascular cell activation. Several thrombomodulin gene polymorphisms have been associated with coronary events and brain infarction. In a previous analysis from the Etude du Profil Génétique de l'Infarctus Cérébral (GENIC)(More)
Data regarding the incidence and outcome of renal involvement in patients with inflammatory myopathies (IM) remain scarce. We assessed the incidence and causes of acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) in 150 patients with dermatomyositis, polymyositis, and antisynthetase syndrome followed in 3 French referral centers. Renal involvement(More)
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