Thomas Davies

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A new approach to Variable Size Block Matching is proposed , based on the binary partitioning of blocks. If a particular block does not allow for accurate motion compensation , then it is split into two using the horizontal or vertical line that achieves the maximum reduction in motion compensation error. This method causes partitioning to occur along(More)
Insights into human visual attention have benefited many areas of computing, but perhaps most significantly visualisation and UI design [3]. With the proliferation of mobile devices capable of supporting significantly complex applications on small screens, demands on mobile UI design and the user's visual system are becoming greater. In this paper, we(More)
A new method for the lossy compression of segmentation maps is presented. In the first stage of the proposed algorithm , region boundary segments are coded, providing a coarse polygonal approximation of regions, as well as a complete representation of their adjacency. The second stage consists of the progressive refinement of these segments , until either(More)
*We would like to thank Gerben S. Van der Vegt and three anonymous reviewers for their support and developmental comments. We would also like to thank School of Business. His research focuses on organizational emergence under resource constraint, resourcefulness, resilience in facing adversity, and entrepreneurial decision making. entrepreneurial cognitions(More)
Venous occlusion plethysmography is a simple yet powerful technique for the non-invasive measurement of blood flow. It has been used extensively in both the experimental and clinical settings. The underlying rationale is that when venous outflow from an extremity is occluded, any immediate increase in volume of this compartment must originate from the(More)
Oral anticoaguIants are extremely common, and it is estimated that there are between 500,000 and 1 million people prescribed them in the UK.[1] These drugs are the most frequently named medication in fatal errors and litigation claims [2] and they require the implementation of additional safety controls.[3] Warfarin is the most commonly prescribed(More)
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