Thomas David

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We describe a toolkit for the design and visualization of flexible artificial heart valves. The toolkit consists of interlinked modules with a visual programming interface. The user of the toolkit can set the initial geometry and material properties of the valve leaflet, solve for the flexing of the leaflet and the flow of blood around it, and display the(More)
Cloud computing is the key technology widely used across most of the organizations. The main advantage with cloud computing is that, the risk of infrastructure maintenance reduces a lot. Most of the service providers offer a wide range of services to their clients in the form of cloud services and the clients can use the same from a remote location. Apart(More)
BACKGROUND There are little data available on the rates of occurrence, risk factors and mortality due to acute myocardial infarction among the various ethnic groups living in Middle-East countries. Therefore, we did a study to compare Arabs and South Asians living in Kuwait. METHODS AND RESULTS The data for this retrospective study were collected from the(More)
Abstract: The modeling of a fully populated 3D tree able to regulate dynamically remains a relatively unexplored field. A non-dimensional representation of “autoregulation” coupled with an asymmetric binary tree algorithm has been developed. The tree has a defined topology as well as a spatial representation in 3D. An analysis using a simple linearization(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the characteristics, management and outcomes of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) admitted to the general hospitals and to assess the feasibility of establishing a registry for AMI in Kuwait. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We prospectively included 111 consecutive patients (94 males and 17 females, mean age 55 years) admitted(More)
Identification of pathogenic germline mutations by next generation sequencing is a widely accepted tool for predicting the risk of hereditary cancer development. Blood is the most common source of DNA for such tests. However, blood as a sample type has many drawbacks, including the invasive collection method, poor sample stability, and a relatively high(More)