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We investigated whether all stem cells of Hydra can differentiate both somatic cells and gametes or if a separate germ line exists in these phylogenetically old organisms. The differentiation potential of single stem cells was analyzed by applying a statistical cloning procedure. All stem cell clones were found to differentiate somatic cells. No clone was(More)
We describe a toolkit for the design and visualization of flexible artificial heart valves. The toolkit consists of interlinked modules with a visual programming interface. The user of the toolkit can set the initial geometry and material properties of the valve leaflet, solve for the flexing of the leaflet and the flow of blood around it, and display the(More)
The modeling of a fully populated 3D tree able to regulate dynamically remains a relatively unexplored field. A non-dimensional representation of " autoregulation " coupled with an asymmetric binary tree algorithm has been developed. The tree has a defined topology as well as a spatial representation in 3D. An analysis using a simple linearization shows the(More)
  • Thomas David, André Mach, Elisabeth Spilman, Béatrice Veyrassat, Tobias Straumann, Matthieu Leimgruber
  • 2006
This research paper discusses the role of institutions in the rapid growth and successful international integration of Switzerland during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In analysing the emergence and consolidation of the institutions whose existence was crucial, the paper looks both at the political institutions that managed conflicts and(More)
  • Jean-Pierre Bédécarrats, Thomas David, Jean Castaing-Lasvignottes
Experiment Process Production Aqueous solution Supercooling a b s t r a c t The studied ice slurry production consists in generating ice from a flow of supercooled water or aqueous solution. After leaving the evaporator of the refrigerating plant, the supercooled flow is physically disturbed in order to generate ice crystals. The influence of different(More)
Identification of pathogenic germline mutations by next generation sequencing is a widely accepted tool for predicting the risk of hereditary cancer development. Blood is the most common source of DNA for such tests. However, blood as a sample type has many drawbacks, including the invasive collection method, poor sample stability, and a relatively high(More)
During a Computer Forensic investigation, the investigator must begin evaluating the case by determining the following: Situation (type of case), Nature of the case, Specifics of the case, Type of evidence, Operating System used, Memory Format, and Location of Evidence [Nelson 2010]. Suspects with a weak computer science and/or IT background may use a(More)
Many machines are being infected by botnets. A network of compromised hosts is called a botnet. Botmaster establishes control on the bots using a command and control server. The botmaster sends commands to the bots using the server, and the bots perform certain malicious activities in response to the command. They send the results of the activities(More)
Computer forensics is the collection and analysis of data from the computers and different digital devices to obtain evidence. In order to describe the circumstances of the particular incident investigators need to build up the timeline events from the past. One of the existing works on digital forensics timeline concentrates on retrieving times from disk(More)
The objective is to develop a prototype of online web application to improve the quality of the java code using coding conventions. Quality improvement is achieved through Cyclomatic complexity measures and code coverage. This application permits the user to upload the java code for code quality improvement. The complexity of the code is measured on a scale(More)