Thomas Daniel

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Thirty-two magnetic resonance imaging examinations of the lungs were performed in 16 subjects after inhalation of 1-2 L of helium 3 gas that was laser polarized to 10%-25%. The distribution of the gas was generally uniform, with visualization of the fissures in most cases. Ventilation defects were demonstrated in smokers and in a subject with allergies. The(More)
BACKGROUND Reperfusion injury after pulmonary transplantation can contribute significantly to postoperative pulmonary dysfunction. We hypothesized that posttransplantation reperfusion injury would result in an increase in both in-hospital mortality and morbidity. We also hypothesized that the incidence of reperfusion injury would be dependent upon the cause(More)
Biosensors present exciting opportunities in novel medical and scientific applications. However, sensor tags presented to date cannot interface with practical sensors, lack addressability, and/or require a custom (high-cost) interrogator. Our tag provides these features via ultra-low-power circuitry including a low-noise biosignal amplifier, unique tag ID(More)
AIM Reduced opioid use in the immediate postoperative period is associated with decreased complications. This study aimed to determine the effect of transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block on morphine requirements 24 h after abdominal surgery. Secondary outcomes included the effect of TAP block on morphine use 48 h after surgery, incidence of postoperative(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the efficacy, safety, and appropriate mode of instillation of talc for sclerosis in treatment of malignant pleural effusions (MPEs). DESIGN A prospective, randomized trial was designed to compare thoracoscopy with talc insufflation (TTI) to thoracostomy and talc slurry (TS) for patients with documented MPE. MEASUREMENTS(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from New York and elsewhere that are resistant to four or more primary antimicrobial agents and responsible for widespread disease in the 1990s represent a newly emerged clone or a heterogeneous array of unrelated organisms. SETTING New York City area and selected locations in the(More)
The absence of disease due to Mycobacterium avium in Ugandan patients with AIDS, which we previously observed in a blood culture study, has been confirmed and our observations have been extended to 165 additional clinical isolates. Fourteen soil and water samples from the Ugandan environment have been cultured and revealed a high frequency of isolation of(More)
BACKGROUND Advanced recipient age is reported to negatively affect survival after lung transplantation (LTX). We hypothesized that LTX in patients aged > or = 60 years could be performed with acceptable outcomes. METHODS We identified 182 consecutive LTX recipients from 1995 to 2005. Outcomes were analyzed and survival compared with results in recipients(More)