Thomas D. Dickerson

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The round-trip distance function on a geographic network (such as a road network, flight network, or utility distribution grid) defines the " distance " from a single vertex to a pair of vertices as the minimum length tour visiting all three vertices and ending at the starting vertex. Given a geographic network and a subset of its vertices called sites (for(More)
Most STM systems are poorly equipped to support libraries of concurrent data structures. One reason is that they typically detect conflicts by tracking transactions' read sets and write sets, an approach that often leads to false conflicts. A second is that existing data structures and libraries often need to be rewritten from scratch to support(More)
This paper proposes a new concurrent heap algorithm, based on a stateless shape property, which efficiently maintains balance during insert and removeMin operations implemented with hand-over-hand locking. It also provides a O(1) linearizable snapshot operation based on lazy copy-on-write semantics. Such snapshots can be used to provide consistent views of(More)
Modern cryptocurrency systems, such as Ethereum, permit complex financial transactions through scripts called smart contracts. These smart contracts are executed many, many times, always without real concurrency. First, all smart contracts are serially executed by miners before appending them to the blockchain. Later, those contracts are serially(More)
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