Thomas D. Cook

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The occupational aspirations and expectations of two populations of boys in grades 2, 4, 6, and 8 were examined in order (1) to describe what is unique about the development of job preferences among urban ghetto children who live in settings where many adult males are not well attached to the labor force and (2) to examine 6 reasons for any age- and(More)
This study assessed some ways in which schools, neighborhoods, nuclear families, and friendship groups jointly contribute to positive change during early adolescence. For each context, existing theory was used to develop a multiattribute index that should promote successful development. Descriptive analyses showed that the four resulting context indices(More)
The folate pathway plays a crucial role in the regeneration and repair of the adult CNS after injury. Here, we have shown in rodents that such repair occurs at least in part through DNA methylation. In animals with combined spinal cord and sciatic nerve injury, folate-mediated CNS axon regeneration was found to depend on injury-related induction of the(More)
Since 1980, the number of state pre-kindergarten (pre-K) programs has more than doubled, with 38 states enrolling more than one million children in 2006 alone. This study evaluates how five state pre-K programs affected children’s receptive vocabulary, math, and print awareness skills. Taking advantage of states’ strict enrollment policies determined by a(More)
A decade ago, the Society of Prevention Research (SPR) endorsed a set of standards for evidence related to research on prevention interventions. These standards (Flay et al., Prevention Science 6:151–175, 2005) were intended in part to increase consistency in reviews of prevention research that often generated disparate lists of effective interventions due(More)
The extreme forces and torques and the high speeds and excessive ranges of motion of baseball pitching place tremendous stress on the soft tissues of the throwing shoulder. Little is known about the relationship between pitching mechanics and shoulder joint stress, especially in professional athletes. The purpose of this study was to quantify joint loads(More)
Most experiments are done in laboratories. However, there is also a theory and practice of field experimentation. It has had its successes and failures over the past four decades but is now increasingly used for answering causal questions. This is true for both randomized and-perhaps more surprisingly-nonrandomized experiments. In this article, we review(More)
In this article, we note the many ontological, epistemological, and methodological similarities between how Campbell and Rubin conceptualize causation. We then explore 3 differences in their written emphases about individual case matching in observational studies. We contend that (a) Campbell places greater emphasis than Rubin on the special role of pretest(More)