Thomas D. Boone

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Plastic microfluidic array platforms and synergistic multiplexed assay chemistries are under development for a variety of applications, including assays of gene expression, proteomics, genotyping, DNA sequencing and fragment analysis, sample preparation and high-throughput pharmaceutical discovery. The low production costs of plastic substrates makes(More)
A potential technique for modulating the light emission resulting from excess minority carrier recombination in a semiconductor device is introduced. This process utilizes an electric field to transport a packet of minority carriers past an optical output aperture defined on the surface of the semiconductor. A short burst of light is allowed to escape(More)
We have measured the room temperature response of nanoscale semiconductor Hall crosses to local applied magnetic fields under various local electric gate conditions using scanning probe microscopy. Near-surface quantum wells of AlSb/InAs/AlSb, located just 5 nm from the heterostructure surface, allow very high sensitivity to localized electric and magnetic(More)
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