Thomas Cullinane

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Owing to the complexity and enormous cost involved in Automated Material Handling Systems, there is a growing need to use computer simulation in both the physical system and control software design of such systems. Simulation models can be developed to test not only the final system configuration, but also each installation phase. This paper describes the(More)
The goal and challenge of Shortfall is for students to learn to minimize environmental impact while maximizing profit. The auto industry manufacturing supply chain allows exploration of relationships among design considerations, supply chain management, environmental issues, research and development, and profitability. Although the supply chain in the game(More)
The purpose of this project is to increase enrolment rates in the undergraduate minor offered by the School of Technological Entrepreneurship (STE). This report addresses the low enrollment issue facing STE. Research has led to categorizing the problem into three main factors, which are: students’ lack of awareness of the minor, a lack of effective(More)
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