Thomas Chiarella

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The mechanism responsible for the short-channel electron mobility (e<sup>$</sup>mobility) abnormal degradation in n-type tall fins multiple-gate field-effect transistors (MuGFETs) has been identified. RF-CV measurement, mobility extraction, and 1/f noise measurements have been performed and point to a larger process related density of traps (N <sub>t</sub>)(More)
In this paper we demonstrate superior NBTI reliability of SiGe pFETs with ultra-thin EOT in a Replacement Metal Gate (RMG) process flow, and in a SiGe channel bulk pFinFET architecture. Moreover, we investigate the Forward Body Bias (FBB) technique showing that it can very efficiently improve the SiGe device I ON without compromising the NBTI reliability,(More)
Despite their excellent control of short channel effects, FinFETs suffer from different trade-offs in the mixed-signal domain, with respect to planar devices. For the first time, we report a complete and comprehensive comparative analysis showing that these trade-offs can be alleviated in advanced FinFET technology. As such, higher voltage gain and(More)
In this paper, we illustrate how high resolution two-dimensional (2D) carrier maps obtained from scalpel scanning spreading resistance microscopy (s-SSRM) can be applied to calibrate a technology computer aided design (TCAD) simulator in order to predict and understand the performance of sub-10nm WFIN FinFETs. In the proposed approach, process simulations(More)