Thomas Chestna

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We present the Cloud Operating System (COS), a middleware framework to support autonomous workload elasticity and scalability based on application-level migration as a reconfiguration strategy. While other scalable frameworks (e.g., MapReduce or Google App Engine) force application developers to write programs following specific APIs, COS provides(More)
Cloud computing's pay-per-use model greatly reduces upfront cost and also enables on-demand scalability as service demand grows or shrinks. Hybrid clouds are an attractive option in terms of cost benefit, however, without proper elastic resource management, computational resources could be over-provisioned or under-provisioned, resulting in wasting money or(More)
In this paper a new and efficient Hybrid Technique for the Automatic Scaling of Internet Things in Cloud Computing is proposed using Ant based techniques. The Proposed methodology applied here is used for the load balancing over cloud computing and hence scales over cloud for internet on Things. The methodology performs better in terms of Scalability and(More)
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