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The poster presents an exploratory case study on the use of a Wiki-based experience repository (MASE) that utilizes both informal and formal knowledge representations. The results provide evidences for the need of knowledge sharing tools to incorporate not only codification-oriented repository technologies but also those that facilitate communication and(More)
The need for organizational learning support is common among all software development companies but is not addressed by agile software methods practitioners. The typical Experience Factory approach to address organizational learning in software companies often stresses structured and explicit knowledge as well as controlled learning mechanisms. In contrast,(More)
Background MRI-guided Electrophysiology (EP) procedures integrate real-time MRI images with catheter position during Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of arrhythmias [1]. Using simultaneous MR catheter tracking and imaging [2], this technology can both guide catheter manipulation and provide dynamic assessment of lesion efficacy [3]. Despite advances in(More)
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