Thomas Chaperon

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This paper presents a new method for extracting cylinders from an unorganized set of 3D points. The originality of this approach is to separate the extraction problem into two distinct steps. The first step consists in extracting a constrained plane in the Gaussian image. This yields a subset of 3D points along with a direction. In the second step,(More)
The epitaxial film of the highly enriched 76 Ge isotope (average mass 75.63) was grown on an intrinsic Ge(111) substrate in an ultrahigh vacuum system (base pressure 10 Ϫ11 mbar) by molecular beam epi-taxy at a substrate temperature of 720 K, well below the threshold for bulk interdiffusion [H. D. Fuchs et al., Phys. Rev. B 51, 16817 (1995)]. Before and(More)
We present a new method for solving the problem of camera pose and calibration from a limited number of correspondences between noisy 2D and 3D features. We show that the probabilistic estimation problem can be expressed as a partially linear problem, where point and line correspondences are mixed using a common formulation. Our Sampling-Solving algorithm(More)
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