Thomas C. Todd

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Linear and open systems (multiple feedback) models of psychosomatic illness in children are contrasted in terms of their implications for cause and treatment. An open systems family model is presented that describes three necessary (but not independently sufficient) conditions for the development and maintenance of severe psychosomatic problems in(More)
A number of different indicators of psychopathology were assessed in this study of 76 cocaine and crack abusers who entered outpatient treatment in New York City between June and December 1987. The majority (75%) had used cocaine for 4 years or more, and the majority (62%) spent over one thousand dollars a month on cocaine in the 6 months before entry into(More)
The chronic relapsing nature of heroin addiction can be explained from a family systems viewpoint. The addiction cycle is part of a family pattern involving a complex homeostatic system of interlocking feedback mechanisms. These serve to maintain the addiction and consequently the overall family stability. Drug-taking usually starts at adolescence. It is(More)
Our study of predictability of outcomes of psychotherapy used predictions of two kinds: (1) direct predictions by patients, therapists, and clinical observers; and (2) predictive measures derived from the same sources. Seventy-three nonpsychotic patients were treated in psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy (mean, 44 sessions). Two thirds of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors studied the efficacy of once-weekly psychotherapy, family therapy, or group therapy led by paraprofessionals among patients with cocaine use disorders. METHOD Of subjects who sought outpatient treatment, 168 consented to participate in the study and were each randomly assigned to one of the three forms of therapy; 122 patients were(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT This monograph is based on the papers from a technical review on " Psychotherapy and Counseling in the Treatment of Drug Abuse " held on The National Institute on Drug Abuse has obtained permission from the copyright holders to reproduce certain previously published material as noted in the text. Further reproduction of this copyrighted(More)