Thomas C Naugle

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OBJECTIVE The traditional method of harvesting fascia lata has been through an incision above the lateral knee. Problems with this method include a conspicuous scar, herniation of the muscle belly, and hematoma formation. The authors describe a new method of harvesting fascia lata in the region of the hip to minimize these complications. DESIGN Cohort(More)
In exophthalmometry when the lateral orbital rim is used as the instrument's fixation base, any alteration in the rim will render serial measurements inaccurate. The exophthalmometer we describe (technically, an "orbitometer") uses the superior and inferior orbital rim areas as a base of reference, making it particularly useful in lateral orbitotomy(More)
A 70-year-old woman was referred to our clinic for evaluation and treatment of a recurring case of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland. She had been diagnosed with this tumor three years earlier, and a local resection was attempted on two occasions. We encountered this patient on the third recurrence of the tumor, and a thorough work-up revealed(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how mobilization of the orbicularis oculi muscle can improve viability, appearance, and function of free skin grafts in the periocular region. By enhancing blood supply with this technique, healing often can be achieved in difficult reconstructive cases. METHODS Seven patients underwent orbicularis(More)
BACKGROUND The postauricular area is often explored by reconstructive and otologic surgeons. We previously reported on the use of postauricular tissues as a graft for wrapping hydroxyapatite implants in orbital reconstruction. This procedure reduced the incidence of implant exposure, while achieving acceptable cosmetic results. Although much is known about(More)
PURPOSE To report the use of posterior auricular muscle complex grafts as a wrapping material for hydroxyapatite orbital implants in enucleation surgery. METHOD In a retrospective multicenter study, autogenous posterior auricular muscle complex grafts were used to cover hydroxyapatite orbital implants in 83 patients with a mean age of 38.6 years (range, 1(More)
A 28-year-old man with unilateral proptosis was found to have sclerosing dacryoadenitis and ectopic lacrimal gland tissue of the orbit. The unusual combination simulated invasive adenocarcinoma of the lacrimal gland both clinically and histopathologically. Based on clinical and experimental observations, we propose that the acinar gland atrophy and fibrous(More)