Thomas C. Jannett

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Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the recording of electrical activity of the heart. Accurate measurement of ECG parameters is an important requirement of ECG analysis, particularly if the results are to be used for clinical purposes. Most automatic ECG diagnosis techniques require an accurate detection of the QRS complex. Almost all the analysis methods use the(More)
ECG is a very important tool for cardiac health status measurement and detection of various diseases at their early stage. Thus, it will be helpful in providing such analysis on the move using a mobile device. The basic aim for such implementation would be an accurate, efficient yet light-weighted algorithm that is simple to implement on mobile. With a lot(More)
— Management of power and other resources that effect field life is an important consideration in sensor networks. This paper presents and compares alternative agent paradigms applicable for resource management. Such a comparison provides an increased understanding of how the performance of the sensor network changes with the number, functionality, and(More)