Thomas C Enlow

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PURPOSE To investigate whether lamotrigine (LTG) monotherapy is effective and safe for newly diagnosed typical absence seizures in children and adolescents (aged 3-15 years, n = 45). METHODS A "responder-enriched" study design was used: open-label dose escalation was followed by placebo-controlled, double-blind testing of LTG. Conventional(More)
Genetic and developmental analysis of an X-linked vital locus vnd was undertaken. Embryos hemizygous for the original allele vnd did not hatch and exhibited a disorganized ventral nervous system (VNS). The mutation maps in the region 1B6-7 to 1B9-10, a subregion of an area previously shown to be essential to normal neural development. In this paper, we(More)
A 17-year-old female developed hyperammonemic encephalopathy 2 weeks after valproic acid (VPA), 500 mg twice a day, was added to her regimen of topiramate (TPM), 200 mg twice a day. She presented to the emergency department (ED) with altered mental status, hypotension, bradycardia, and lethargy. Laboratory analysis showed mild non-anion gap hyperchloremic(More)
Behavioral distress in EEG can be a barrier to medical care, and behavioral interventions may be a solution. This study evaluates the effectiveness of a brief intervention to decrease procedural distress during an EEG. We hypothesized that children and parents who received psychoeducation and distraction interventions would exhibit less anxiety and distress(More)
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