Thomas C. Cochran

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Two hundred cases of carcinoma of the breast were examined to determine the extent of nipple involvement. Carcinoma was present in 8 percent of the specimens. Fourteen of the 16 nipples which contained tumor were macroscopically abnormal in reappearance--being either ulcerated, retracted, or attached to an underlying indurated mass. Clinically normal niples(More)
Of 42 patients who underwent cosmetic surgery, 4 patients, who gave no indication of an impending life change before surgery, obtained a legal separation or divorce 3-6 months later. These 4 patients had had strong parental domination and hostile relationships with younger siblings; they had a need for success on their own terms and for the rapid closure of(More)
The inverted nipple has been attributed to hypodevelopment of both nipple and areolomamillary musculature. A number of procedures have been devised to correct this deformity for the purposes of nursing and also for cosmesis. Excision of the entire areola, myotomy of areolomamillary bundles, and partial areolar excision in apposing quadrant triangles have(More)