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The parameters for the OPLS-AA potential energy function have been extended to include some functional groups that are present in macrocyclic polyketides. Existing OPLS-AA torsional parameters for alkanes, alcohols, ethers, hemiacetals, esters, and ketoamides were improved based on MP2/aug-cc-pVTZ and MP2/aug-cc-pVDZ calculations. Nonbonded parameters for(More)
The Claisen rearrangements of chorismate (CHOR) in water and at the active site of E. coli chorismate mutase (EcCM) have been compared. From a total of 33 ns molecular dynamics simulation of chorismate in water solvent, seven diaxial conformers I-VII were identified. Most of the time (approximately 99%), the side chain carboxylate of the chorismate is(More)
The first stepwise solid-phase synthesis of deoxynucleic guanidine (DNG), a positively charged DNA analog, using controlled pore glass as the solid support is reported. For the first time, purine bases have been incorporated into the DNG oligomer and DNG has been synthesized using a solid-phase method, proceeding in the 3'-->5' direction, that is compatible(More)
The results of normal-mode analyses are in accord with the proposal that a low-frequency motion of the HhaI methyltransferase enzyme is responsible for base flipping in bound DNA. The vectors of the low-frequency normal mode of residues Ser-85 and Ile-86 point directly to the phosphate and ribose moieties of the DNA backbone near the target base in position(More)
The mechanism of bacterial methanol dehydrogenase involves hydride equivalent transfer from substrate to the ortho-quinone PQQ to provide a C5-reduced intermediate that subsequently rearranges to the hydroquinone PQQH(2). We have studied the PQQ reduction by molecular dynamic (MD) simulations in aqueous solution. Among the five simulated structures, either(More)
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