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Miconazole, a new imidazole antimycotic agent, was given intravenously to five children with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis over an 18-month period. There was marked improvement of mucosa and skin in two patients, moderate-to-milk improvement in two, and no improvement in one. Nail lesions were not improved in any patient. Adverse reactions included(More)
The new anticholinergic compound Sch 1000 (ipratropium bromide) has been reported to be an effective bronchodilator without significant atropine-like side effects. We evaluated the effectiveness of different doses of nebulized Sch 1000 (40 microgram and 80 microgram) aerosolized atropine sulfate (1 mg) and placebo in the prevention of exercise-induced(More)
Mononuclear cells of malnourished children contain diminished activity of phosphoglycerate kinase and pyruvate kinase (PK). The PK activity of these cells correlates well with the percentage of circulating thymus-derived lymphocytes (T-cells). Phytohemagglutinin causes an immediate increase in PK activity of mononuclear cells of malnourished patients. The(More)
Severe protein calorie malnutrition in children in developing countries has been characterized by noticeable depression of cell-mediated immunity and an increased manifestation of infectious illnesses. We studied 23 hospitalized US children whose admitting diagnoses included severe malnutrition to see if similar findings existed. Children were divided into(More)
Summary: Using Ficoll-Hypaque-separated cells, monocyte chemotaxis was measured by an agarose technique in patients with increased susceptibility to infection, with atopic dermatitis, and in individuals taking aspirin. In vitro effects of aspirin, hydrocortisone, aminophylline, ephedrine, and diphenhydramine were also studied. Significantly decreased(More)
Monocyte chemotaxis was determined by an agarose technique in normal newborns, infants, older children, and adults and in selected patients. Monocytes were obtained from heparinized blood by Ficoll-Hypaque separation and exposed to zymosan treated serum as the chemotactic source. Newborn values (50 ± 33; ± 1 S.D.) were significantly different from adult(More)
Severe protein calorie malnutrition is characterized by profound depression of cell mediated immunity. We studied 28 hospitalized U.S. children with various degrees of malnutrition to determine if similar defects existed. Ages ranged from 6 wks to 20 yrs. All had weights less than the fifth percentile for age. Chief diagnoses were chronic diarrhea(7),(More)
To determine if the tetanus skin test (TST) is a valid procedure for the evaluation of delayed hypersensitivity we correlated the results of skin testing with in vitro lymphocyte transformation to tetanus (TTx), antibody titers to tetanus by hemagglutination (TAB), and monocyte chemotaxis (MCTX). We tested 6 unimmunized infants less than 10 weeks of age, 6(More)
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