Thomas C Adams

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The postural stability of wheelchair users experiencing external perturbations was examined. Rotation of a tilt platform generated moments in the trunks of subjects seated in a manual wheelchair on the platform. The magnitude and duration of the moments were on the order of those that might be encountered in the sagittal plane during controlled braking(More)
A technique is presented for monitoring the seated postural stability and control of human subjects. Estimates are made of the locations of the subject's center of pressure (CP(S)) and projection of the center of mass (CM(NP)) from moment balance equations using measured force and acceleration data. The CP(S) and CM(NP) indices describe the stability of the(More)
The United States population of Steller sea lions (SSL), Eumetopias jubatus, is classified as ''threatened'' under the Endangered Species Act" because of a recent 73% decline in numbers. National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has recommended that the US population of SSL be divided into two stocks, with an east-west division at 144 0 west longitude, based(More)
An algorithm was developed and tested for differentiating between the spatial distribution of large arrays of surface electromyographic (LASE) data from subjects with and without low back pain (LBP). The surface EMG data from 62 channels were collected from the low back of 161 healthy and 44 acute (less than 6-weeks) LBP subjects in three minimum stress(More)
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