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The alien hand syndrome, as originally defined, was used to describe cases involving anterior corpus callosal lesions producing involuntary movement and a concomitant inability to distinguish the affected hand from an examiner's hand when these were placed in the patient's unaffected hand. In recent years, acceptable usage of the term has broadened(More)
Verbal memory impairment has been well explored in schizophrenia, but it is unclear whether findings relate to the type of material to be learned or the component process required by the memory task. Also, sparse data on non-verbal memory also open the question of how well schizophrenia patients encode this material. We tested whether episodic memory(More)
This paper presents the development and application of one approach to the control of aircraft with large numbers of control effectors. This approach, referred to as real-time adaptive control allocation, combines a nonlinear method for control allocation with actuator failure detection and isolation. The control allocator maps moment (or angular(More)
This paper presents the development of an integrated reconfigurable control allocation approach. This integrated approach combines frequency-apportioned control allocation with actuator failure detection and isolation. Frequency-apportioned control allocation integrates innovative control effectors with conventional aerodynamic controls and considers both(More)
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