Thomas Buelter

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Biofuels synthesized from renewable resources are of increasing interest because of global energy and environmental problems. We have previously demonstrated production of higher alcohols from Escherichia coli using a 2-keto acid-based pathway. Here, we have compared the effect of various alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH) for the last step of the isobutanol(More)
The present review gives a survey on the biosynthetic pathways of nucleotide sugars which are important for the in vitro synthesis of mammalian glycoconjugates. With respect to the use of these enzymes in glycotechnology the availability as recombinant enzymes from different sources, the large-scale synthesis of nucleotide sugars and their in situ(More)
P450-dependent biotransformations in Escherichia coli are attractive for the selective oxidation of organic molecules using mild and sustainable procedures. The overall efficiency of these processes, however, relies on how effectively the NAD(P)H cofactors derived from oxidation of the carbon source are utilized inside the cell to support the heterologous(More)
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