Thomas Bruhn

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1. To assess the role of descending monoaminergic pathways for motor activity long-lasting EMG recordings were performed from the adult soleus muscle before and after selective depletion of spinal monoamines. 2. Rats were chronically implanted with an intrathecal catheter placed in the lumbar subarachnoid space and gross-EMG recording electrodes in the(More)
UNLABELLED 1. For many years it has been discussed whether repeated electroconvulsive shock (ECS) may induce a lasting epileptogenic effect on the brain (i.e. a kindling effect). In the present study the authors investigated whether weekly ECS do exert such an effect. 2. Bipolar electrodes were implanted in amygdala of 32 rats. Following a two to three week(More)
Intermittent as opposed to continuous treatment of rats with haloperidol resulted in a long-lasting potentiation of oral activity. To examine if this behavioural sensitization to discontinuous neuroleptic treatment facilitates seizure development in electrical kindling, rats treated either intermittently or continuously with haloperidol for 15 weeks were(More)
It was investigated whether oral dexamethasone (DEX) administration improves exercise performance by reducing the initial rate of muscle fatigue development during dynamic exercise. Using a double-blinded placebo controlled randomized crossover design, subjects ingested either 2 × 2 mg of DEX or placebo for five consecutive days. Muscle function was(More)
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