Thomas Bo Jensen

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The neoplastic process may involve a cancer stem cell. This concept has emerged largely from the careful analysis of tumour biopsy systems from haematological, breast and brain tumours. However, the experimental systems necessary to provide the cellular and molecular evidence to support this important concept have been lacking. We have used adult(More)
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous source of growth factors. By application of PRP around cementless implants alone or in combination with bone allograft chips, early implant fixation and gap healing could be improved. We inserted two porous HA coated titanium implants extraarticularly in each proximal humerus of eight dogs. Each implant was(More)
We compared processed morselized bone allograft with fresh-frozen bone graft around noncemented titanium implants. Also, the influence of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in combination with bone allograft was evaluated. Analysis was based on implant fixation and histomorphometry. PRP was prepared by isolating the buffy coat from autologous blood samples. Bone(More)
AIMS Family history is an established risk factor for myocardial infarction (MI), but it is not clear how this risk changes with number and gender of first-degree relatives with MI. We used the entire Danish population to examine the importance of MI in siblings and parents. METHODS AND RESULTS This study is a retrospective nationwide register-based(More)
This study addresses the clinical problems regarding access of wear debris to the bone-implant interface and the possible dissemination of polyethylene (PE) particles to distant organs. We inserted two implants into each knee of 7 dogs allowing access of joint fluid to the bone-implant interface with a 0.75 mm initial gap around the implant. Hydroxyapatite(More)
Bone resorption associated with local trauma occurring during insertion of joint prostheses is recognized as an early event. Being an osteoclastic inhibitor, alendronate is a potential candidate means to decrease early periprosthetic bone resorption and thereby improve implant fixation. We investigated the influence of oral alendronate treatment on early(More)
BMPs stimulate new bone formation, but may also accelerate bone resorption. We added rhBMP-2 and pamidronate to morselized bone allograft packed around uncemented HA-coated and non-coated porous Ti implants in sixteen dogs. Each dog received four implants where the allograft was added (1) nothing, (2) BMP, (3) BP, and (4) BMP+BP. After four weeks, the(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim was to assess the association between use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and risk of new-onset atrial fibrillation (AF) after myocardial infarction. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS We used Danish nationwide registers of hospitalizations and prescriptions to identify all women admitted with myocardial infarction in the period 1997(More)
In each femoral condyle of 8 Labrador dogs, a non weight-bearing hydroxyapatite-coated implant was inserted surrounded by a 3 mm gap. Each gap was filled with bone allograft or ProOsteon with or without OP-1 delivered in a bovine collagen type I carrier (OP-1 device). 300 microg OP-1 was used in the 0.75 cc gap surrounding the implant. After 3 weeks, the(More)
Skeletal bone consists of hydroxyapatite (HA) [Ca(10)(PO(4))(6)(OH)(2)] and collagen type I, both of which are osseoconductive. The goal of osseointegration of orthopedic and dental implants is the rapid achievement of a mechanically stable long-lasting fixation between bone and an implant surface. In this study, we evaluated the mechanical fixation and(More)