Thomas Blake

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Administration of psychological questionnaires via the Internet has gained popularity in recent years and touts many advantages. However, before questionnaires that were originally developed as paper-and-pencil measures can be confidently administered over the Internet, it is necessary to document the equivalence of the paper and computer-generated versions(More)
Classical statistical inference of experimental data assumes that the treatment affects the test group but not the control group. This assumption will typically be violated when experimenting in marketplaces because of general equilibrium effects: changing test demand affects the supply available to the control group. We illustrate this with an email(More)
A common complaint about online auctions for consumer goods is the presence of ``snipers,'' who place bids in the final seconds of sequential ascending auctions with predetermined ending times. The literature conjectures that snipers are best-responding to the existence of ``incremental" bidders that bid up to their valuation only as they are outbid.(More)
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