Thomas Beutler

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Experimental data suggest that lumbar torsion contributes to lumbar disc degenerative changes, such as instability, spondylolisthesis and spinal canal stenosis. However, some basic mechanical characteristics of the lumbar spine under torsional loading have not yet been reported in detail. For example, the function of the facet joints under combined(More)
  • P Bachetta, E Van Wincoop, T Beutler, Menzie D Chinn
  • 2009
It's a pleasure to have an opportunity to discuss this stimulating paper by Bachetta, van Wincoop and Beutler. This paper represents a part of an innovative research agenda investigating the reasons why structural macroeconomic models that economists use to explain exchange rates have so much difficulty in outpredicting a random walk, even when using(More)
A comparison between an unconstrained and a partially constrained system for in vitro biomechanical testing of the L5-S1 spinal unit was conducted. The objective was to compare the compliance and the coupling of the L5-S1 unit measured with an unconstrained and a partially constrained test for the three major physiological motions of the human spine. Very(More)
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