Thomas Belli

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An Adriamycin-resistant Chinese hamster V79 line was isolated previously in this laboratory. There was about a 5-fold increase in Adriamycin resistance in this mutant as determined from survival curve measurements. Using this low-level Adriamycin-resistant mutant, a cell line with a high level of resistance was isolated after a multistep selection process(More)
We examine the contribution of colour for the computation of depth maps from a stereo pair of colour aerial images. As a matter of fact we propose an original method based on fusion theory to compute dense and reliable depth maps. The fusion is directly applied on correlation curves obtained for each colour channel. In order to evaluate the quality of the(More)
This paper describes an algorithm which aims at deriving digital terrain models (DTM) from dense digital elevation models (DEM). This algorithm takes place in a processing chain for building detection and modelling in urban areas from high resolution aerial imagery. DEM either come from stereophotogrammetry, or from direct measures such as airborne laser(More)
Biomarkers allow physiological processes to be monitored, in both health and injury. Multiple attempts have been made to use biomarkers in traumatic brain injury (TBI). Identification of such biomarkers could allow improved understanding of the pathological processes involved in TBI, diagnosis, prognostication and development of novel therapies. This review(More)
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