Thomas Bech Pettersen

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Adaptivity is the ability to adjust behavior to changes in context. In enterprise ACM, the need for control, uniformity, and analysis meet end-user’s needs to adapt to situations at hand. The interplay of different layers of declaratively defined templates can meet these needs in a flexible and sustainable manner. A data centric architecture with a library(More)
SARA is an advanced Smalltalk architecture for building product model based work process assistance systems. Since 1996, SARA has been successfully used for building several mission-critical applications. The largest fielded system to date is for handling the processes of criminal proceedings in the Norwegian Police, with 8000 users. The flexibility of the(More)
This paper describes our experiences from combining workflow management with object technology and expert systems technology. This approach constitutes a powerful integration of business processes, business objects and knowledge bases applicable to a wide range of problem domains. Our experiences with applying this combination in several real world systems(More)
I. htroduction In tbis Practitioner’s Report we want to demonstrate how object technology in combination with expert system technology can be used very efficiently to build intelligent workflow systems. We will present two of several real world systems of this kind. The systems were put into operation after short development periods. They are developed(More)
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