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This study compared two high carbohydrate (CHO) diets in 14 male runners for effects on muscle glycogen deposition, endurance, and sensations of gastrointestinal discomfort. Muscle glycogen was measured in the vastus lateralis at rest and run time to exhaustion at 75% VO2max was measured following 3-1/2 days on a 50% CHO diet. After 14 days the subjects(More)
Recent (13) CO(2) canopy pulse chase labeling studies revealed that photosynthesis influences the carbon isotopic composition of soil respired CO(2) (δ(13) C(SR)) even on a diel timescale. However, the driving mechanisms underlying these short-term responses remain unclear, in particular under drought conditions. The gas exchange of CO(2) isotopes of canopy(More)
This paper refers to a project for development and optimization of a clinical pathway for the Lumbar Nerve Root Compression Syndrome. A special focus is taken on computer support for pathway development and implementation. An innovative combination of "rapid prototyping" of a workflow model and a 2 level approach using round robin methods in a large group(More)
BACKGROUND Basic life support (BLS) performed by lay rescuers is poor. We developed software for mobile phones augmented with a metronome to improve BLS. STUDY OBJECTIVES To assess BLS in lay rescuers with or without software assistance. METHODS Medically untrained volunteers were randomized to run through a cardiac arrest scenario with ("assisted BLS")(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim was to determine if prostaglandin like activity might be involved in changes due to exercise training in the coronary flow responses to hypoxia. DESIGN The coronary flow response to hypoxia was measured under constant perfusion pressure in isolated perfused hearts from 12 endurance exercise trained rats and 12 control rats. Eight(More)
Pulse labelling experiments provide a common tool to study short-term processes in the plant-soil system and investigate below-ground carbon allocation as well as the coupling of soil CO(2) efflux to photosynthesis. During the first hours after pulse labelling, the measured isotopic signal of soil CO(2) efflux is a combination of both physical tracer(More)
Field measurements of photosynthetic carbon isotope discrimination ((13)Δ) of Fagus sylvatica, conducted with branch bags and laser spectrometry, revealed a high variability of (13)Δ, both on diurnal and day-to-day timescales. We tested the prediction capability of three versions of a commonly used model for (13)Δ [called here comprehensive ((13)(Δcomp)),(More)
On-line measurements of photosynthetic carbon isotope discrimination ((13)Δ) under field conditions are sparse. Hence, experimental verification of the natural variability of instantaneous (13)Δ is scarce, although (13)Δ is, explicitly and implicitly, used from leaf to global scales for inferring photosynthetic characteristics. This work presents the first(More)
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