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We consider the recognition of dangerous situations in vehicle traffic. Unscented Kalman filters are used to predict vehicle trajectories within a short prediction horizon [t<inf>0</inf>, t<inf>0</inf>+ &#x0394;t]. Based on this prediction, for each vehicle pair the mutual distance is computed for [t<inf>0</inf>, t<inf>0</inf>+ &#x0394;t], whereby the(More)
This article shows the formation of cooperative groups of cognitive automobiles and the coordinated behavior decision within this group in order to mitigate dangerous traffic situations. The presented approach is especially promising in complex, unforeseen situations which require coordinated maneuvers of multiple vehicles and which are not controllable by(More)
Agility in software and service engineering usually needs to encompass the requirements analysis phase. This paper describes a multilingual Web-based tool that allows multiple users and stakeholders of different, possibly geographically dispersed organizations to perform requirements analysis activities in an agile and collaborative manner, and in close(More)