Thomas Barz

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BACKGROUND The number of septic total hip arthroplasty (THA) revisions is increasing continuously, placing a growing financial burden on hospitals. Orthopedic departments performing septic THA revisions have no basis for decision making regarding resource allocation as the costs of this procedure for the departments are unknown. It is widely assumed that(More)
BACKGROUND Because inbred rat strains are widely used as laboratory models, knowledge of phenotypic and genetic variations between strains will be useful to obtain insight into the relationship between different strains. METHODS AND RESULTS We studied phenotypic traits: of each strain--BN/K, DA/K and WOKW--10 male rats were studied for body weight and(More)
A high-fat diet (HFD) has been recognized as a risk factor for diseases such as dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity, and osteoporosis. However, studies analyzing gene expression after HFD in bone are rare. That prompted us to analyze the expression of selected genes in bone of 4-week-old diabetes-prone B(io)B(reeding) rats. Two breeding pairs were fed a(More)
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