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Thirty-four undergraduates implemented a MIPS R2000 processor for an introductory CMOS VLSI design course. This included designing a microarchitecture in Verilog, developing custom PLA generation and ad-hoc random testing tools, creating a standard cell library, schematics, layout, and PCB test board. The processor was fabricated by MOSIS on an AMI(More)
Whole slide imaging (WSI) is rapidly transforming educational and diagnostic pathology services. Recently, the College of American Pathologists Pathology and Laboratory Quality Center (CAP-PLQC) published recommended guidelines for validating diagnostic WSI. We prospectively evaluated the guidelines to determine their utility in validating pediatric(More)
Third Edition [Formula: see text] [Box: see text] Printed with permission from the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) © 2011 ISBER All Rights Reserved Editor-in-Chief Lori D. Campbell, PhD Associate Editors Fay Betsou, PhD Debra Leiolani Garcia, MPA Judith G. Giri, PhD Karen E. Pitt, PhD Rebecca S. Pugh, MS Katherine(More)
UNLABELLED Currently, the popular approach to post-concussion management of the athlete relies upon the use of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers, all typically coordinated by a physician. That core team is often supplemented by nurses, psychotherapists, coaches, teachers, the athletic director, and, of course, family members. However, access(More)
Virtual Microscopy (VM), the technique of digitizing microscope slides with common objective magnifications, may be equivalent to original glass slides on microscopes and will provide diagnostic image quality. Based on this technology an automated pathology review system can be designed in order to facilitate a more efficient quality assurance (QA)/quality(More)
The advent of affordable high performance computing (HPC) resources, such as computing clusters and grids, has transformed the computational capabilities of many organizations. However, the lack of convenient interfaces to such valuable resources limits their effectiveness, restricting their user base to a small set of highly skilled programmers and(More)
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