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ThE subfamily Mephitinve, to which the skunk belongs, is repre sented in the United States by three genera : Spilogale, Conepatus, and Me phitis. Mephgtis includes all of the large common skunks of the United States except the so-called " b a d g e r " skunks along our Southern boundary, which belong to the genus ConeTatus. Three species are referred to(More)
In 1863 Swarts* (in WShler's laboratory) noticed in the secretion of the anal glands of ~. mephitica the presence of a basic body which from its volatility and odor he referred to methyl-or ethyl-amine. Later, in 1879, Loew~-stated that the secretion contains a basic body which smells like trimethylamine~ and no doubt has a constitution similar to that of(More)
Sleep patterns vary from one individual to another, some need only 4-5 hours and others may need 10-12, but in general, adults sleep for about 7-8 hours per night. It is estimated that we spend around one third of our lives asleep and our day-today well-being is often measured by our perceived sleep quality. Approximately 35% of the population suffers from(More)
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