Thomas B. Welch-Horan

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1. The aim of this study was to determine whether central networks are involved in the presumptive behavioral and autonomic regulatory actions of secretin, a gut hormone that has been reported to have ameliorative effects in autistic children. 2. Central neural responses monitored by regional c-fos gene expression were examined in response to(More)
A growing body of research in neuroscience points to the impact of variations in maternal nurturing on child development and provides a rationale for interventions that target stress adaptation conditioning through natural family nurturing. This pilot study was collected within the course of private practice to assess the progress of children with severe(More)
Recent research points to the connection between behavioral and gut disorders. Early adverse events are associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In animal models, maternal deprivation and social isolation predispose to gastric erosion and brain pathology. This study examined (1) brain effects of chronic gastrointestinal inflammation in a rat model(More)
1. This study aims (1) to determine whether secretin is synthesized centrally, specifically by the HPA axis and (2) to discuss, on the basis of the findings in this and previous studies, secretin's possible neuroregulatory role in autism. 2. An immunocytochemical technique with single-cell resolution was performed in 12 age/weight-matched male rats(More)
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