Thomas B Hatler

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Ovarian follicular cysts are a major reproductive problem in lactating dairy cows. The primary physiological defect leading to the formation of ovarian follicular cysts is a failure of the hypothalamus to trigger the preovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) in response to estradiol. The factor responsible for this hypothalamic defect may be(More)
Two experiments were conducted to examine circulating concentrations of progesterone (P4) in cows with ovarian follicular cysts (OFCs) and to relate differing levels of P4 to subsequent follicular events. In experiment 1, peripheral concentrations of P4 were determined in cows diagnosed with OFCs. Nonpregnant, lactating Holstein and Jersey cows (n = 32)(More)
Holstein cows (n = 9) were used in an experiment to characterize the behavioral and endocrine responses to estradiol-17β when administered at rates designed to maintain peripheral concentrations within a physiological range. Cows were pretreated with progesterone for 3 d. Three days after progesterone treatment was completed, each cow was assigned to one of(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine if adrenal secretion of steroids differed between cows that formed ovarian follicular cysts and normal cycling cows. In experiment 1, lactating Jersey and Holstein cows were diagnosed as having ovarian follicular cysts (follicle diameter >or=20 mm) by rectal palpation. Following diagnosis, ovaries were examined by(More)
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if intramammary inflammation during the periovulatory period affects the occurrence of ovulation in lactating dairy cows. Ten lactating, cyclic, Holstein dairy cows received 2 injections of prostaglandin F2alpha at eleven-day intervals, to synchronize luteolysis. The day of the second injection was designated(More)
Two experiments were conducted to determine if administration of progesterone within a low, subluteal range (0.1-1.0 ng/mL) blocks the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge (experiments 1 and 2) and ovulation (experiment 2) in lactating dairy cows. In experiment 1, progesterone was administered to cycling, lactating dairy cows during the luteal phase of the(More)
The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of a single injection of progesterone on the lifespan of ovarian follicular cysts and to examine the fate of follicles that mature following treatment. Lactating Holstein and Jersey cows with ovarian follicular cysts were identified by rectal palpation. The ovaries of cystic cows were then examined(More)
The objective of this field trial was to determine whether delaying the start of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) supplementation from 9 to 10 wk postpartum to 17 to 18 wk postpartum would improve reproductive performance in lactating dairy cows. Cows from nine herds (n = 798 cows; 766 Holsteins, 32 Jerseys) were assigned at random to receive rbST(More)
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