Thomas B Fowler

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BACKGROUND Estimates of the impact of HIV in countries with generalised epidemics are generally based on antenatal clinic surveillance data collected over time. In an attempt to obtain geographically more representative estimates of HIV prevalence, many countries are now also conducting national population-based surveys in which HIV testing is included. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To propose a methodology to estimate the number of new HIV infections averted. Knowledge of HIV infection has increased tremendously and modelling tools to project current epidemics into the future have greatly improved. Different types of models can be used to estimate HIV infections averted, although the number of new HIV infections averted(More)
Today the term " convergence " has many meanings and, as a result, often leads to confusion. In the telecommunications world, convergence has come to mean a moving towards the use of one medium as opposed to many. There are many drivers for convergence, but perhaps the most significant is a vision of the future: a more elegant world where everything is(More)
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