Thomas B. Bradley

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Studies have been performed on a 12-yr-old Chinese girl with compensatory erythrocytosis due to the presence of hemoglobin Bethesda comprising about 45% of the red cell hemoglobin. Her parents and three siblings were normal. The oxygen affinity of her blood was markedly increased: under physiological conditions (pH 7.40, 37 degrees C). P(50) was 12.8 mm Hg(More)
A brother and sister were the first members of a family to possess hemoglobin Köln (alpha 2 beta 2(98) Val leads to Met). Studies of these siblings and their parents strongly indicated that the anomaly had arisen by spontaneous mutation. Gonadal mosaicism of one of the parents offers the best explanation for the appearance of a spontaneous mutation in(More)
To estimate the number of full-time-equivalent (FTE) physicians and geriatricians needed to provide medical care in the years 2000 to 2030, we developed utilization-based models of need for non-surgical physicians and need for geriatricians. Based on projected utilization, the number of FTE physicians required to care for the elderly will increase two- or(More)
Hemoglobin Gun Hill, a new variant of adult hemoglobin, was found in a Caucasian and one of his three daughters. The abnormal hemoglobin had only half of the expected number of heme groups. Five amino acid residues appeared to be missing from the beta-globin chains. These residues occur in linear sequence in normal beta-chains in a region involved in(More)
To estimate the adequacy of current and future supply of geriatrics faculty, we conducted a national survey to determine the current supply of geriatrics faculty in five specialties and compared these estimates to standards for optimal faculty supply in geriatrics. Finally, we generated a model to project future faculty supply based on both current training(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine how much of the clinical care provided to older persons by geriatricians is primary versus consultative. DESIGN National Survey. PARTICIPANTS Candidates for the 1988 certifying examination in geriatrics, physicians who expressed interest in the examination but did not register for the examination, and physicians who expressed no(More)
The denser subpopulation of erythrocytes from patients with sickle cell anaemia was deoxygenated to a pO2 of 4.7 kPa or reoxygenated to a pO2 of 12 kPa with a continuous-flow apparatus. Samples were collected into modified Karnovsky's fixative at intervals between 0.5 and 15 S. .The earliest event after deoxygenation was aggreagation of haemoglobin followed(More)