Thomas B. Aldrich

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BACKGROUND Meta-analyses of postpartum blood loss and the effect of uterotonics are biased by visually estimated blood loss. OBJECTIVES To conduct a systematic review of measured postpartum blood loss with and without prophylactic uterotonics for prevention of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). SEARCH STRATEGY We searched Medline and PubMed terms (labour(More)
ThE subfamily Mephitinve, to which the skunk belongs, is repre sented in the United States by three genera : Spilogale, Conepatus, and Me phitis. Mephgtis includes all of the large common skunks of the United States except the so-called " b a d g e r " skunks along our Southern boundary, which belong to the genus ConeTatus. Three species are referred to(More)
In 1863 Swarts* (in WShler's laboratory) noticed in the secretion of the anal glands of ~. mephitica the presence of a basic body which from its volatility and odor he referred to methyl-or ethyl-amine. Later, in 1879, Loew~-stated that the secretion contains a basic body which smells like trimethylamine~ and no doubt has a constitution similar to that of(More)
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