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Thoroughly designed, open-source toolkits emerge to boost progress in medical imaging. The Insight Toolkit (ITK) provides this for the algorithmic scope of medical imaging, especially for segmentation and registration. But medical imaging algorithms have to be clinically applied to be useful, which additionally requires visualization and interaction. The(More)
The aim of the Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) is to facilitate the creation of clinically usable image-based software. Clinically usable software for image-guided procedures and image analysis require a high degree of interaction to verify and, if necessary, correct results from (semi-)automatic algorithms. MITK is a class library basing on and(More)
1. Steroids are known to act as permissive factors in hepatocytes. This study shows that dexamethasone (DEX) is a permissive factor for induction of CYP2B1/2, CYP3A1, CYP2A1 and probably also CYP2C11 in cultures with primary rat hepatocytes. 2. The induction factor of phenobarbital (PB)-induced formation of 16beta-hydroxytestosterone (OHT), a testosterone(More)
Chromatin modifying enzymes play a critical role in cardiac differentiation. Previously, it has been shown that the targeted deletion of the histone methyltransferase, Smyd1, the founding member of the SET and MYND domain containing (Smyd) family, interferes with cardiomyocyte maturation and proper formation of the right heart ventricle. The highly related(More)
Recently it has been shown that regional lung perfusion can be assessed using time-resolved contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Quantification of the perfusion images has been attempted, based on definition of small regions of interest (ROIs). Use of complete lung segmentations instead of ROIs could possibly increase quantification accuracy.(More)
  • B Julsgaard, A Walther, S Kröll, L Rippe, J R W P L Drever, F V Hall +50 others
  • 2007
There have recently been several studies of the performance of laser frequency stabilization using spectral holes in solids, instead of an external cavity, as a frequency reference. Here an analytical theory for Pound-Drever-Hall laser frequency stabilization using spectral hole-burning is developed. The interaction between the atomic medium and the phase(More)
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