Thomas Böttger

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Thoroughly designed, open-source toolkits emerge to boost progress in medical imaging. The Insight Toolkit (ITK) provides this for the algorithmic scope of medical imaging, especially for segmentation and registration. But medical imaging algorithms have to be clinically applied to be useful, which additionally requires visualization and interaction. The(More)
= 209) or total (n= 12) pancreaticoduodenectomy, in 12 cases combined with portal vein resection, was performed. Surgical complications were seen in 25%, but less than half of them were severe. General complications were seen in 18.5%. The 30- and 90-day mortality rates were 3.1%, and 5.7%, respectively. In a regression analysis the intraoperative blood(More)
Based on our patient material, preoperative localization of insulinoma was correct with sonography in 13 (61.9%) of 21 patients, with computed tomography in 3 (21.4%) of 14 patients, with computed tomography with bolus injection of contrast medium in 11 (73.3%) of 15 patients, with angiography in 20 (66.6%) of 30 patients, and with percutaneous transhepatic(More)
Preoperative localization tests [sonography, computed tomography, angiography, percutaneous transhepatic portal venous sampling for insulin radioimmunoassay (PTP)] have a sensitivity of 60% to 90% in cases of organic hyperinsulinism. In all publications, however, the sensitivity of intraoperative localization, 75% to 100%, is distinctly higher. With the(More)
p = 0.001). The present series demonstrates that radical resection of ampullary cancer is the procedure of choice even in elderly patients. The most important factor influencing the survival rate is the extent of the lymph node dissection. The histopathologic investigation of our pancreatoduodenectomy specimens demonstrates clearly that local excision of(More)
Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate the value of preoperative diagnostics in patients with pancreatic carcinoma in terms of tumor diagnosis and evaluation of resectability. Patients/Methods: From 1 September 1985 to 31 December 1997, 408 patients shown by histology to have a ductal (n=330) or periampullary carcinoma (n=78) were treated(More)
The aim of the Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) is to facilitate the creation of clinically usable image-based software. Clinically usable software for image-guided procedures and image analysis require a high degree of interaction to verify and, if necessary, correct results from (semi-)automatic algorithms. MITK is a class library basing on and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The UICC recommends a number of at least six lymph nodes to be examined in the surgical therapy of esophageal cancer for a reliable pN classification. The aim of this study was to evaluate this threshold by means of the data from our patients. METHODOLOGY Following curative resection (R0) of esophageal cancer the numbers of examined(More)