Thomas Böcker

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Bicarbonate dialysis is mandatory for high efficiency treatment. In most cases bicarbonate is delivered either as prepacked powder or as a stable liquid concentrate in 6-10 I plastic containers. With a newly designed central supply system (CSS) using 800 I tanks of custom-made sterile and pyrogen free concentrates, we investigated the risk of bacterial(More)
Alkyl glycosides were sulfated with sulfur trioxide-pyridine. Dodecyl alpha- and beta-D-glucopyranoside gave the corresponding 6-sulfates in 75 and 51% yields, respectively. Separation from polysulfated compounds was carried out by reversed-phase HPLC. Tetradecyl beta-maltopyranoside (16) gave a 88: 12 mixture of 6'- and 6-sulfates. The sulfated compounds(More)
Policy measures are needed to reduce the risks associated with pesticides' application in agriculture, resulting in more sustainable agricultural systems. Pesticide taxes can be an important tool in the toolkit of policy-makers and are of increasing importance in European agriculture. However, little is known about the effects of such tax solutions and(More)
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