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OBJECTIVE The European Resuscitation Council recommends that only rescuers experienced and well-trained in airway management should perform endotracheal intubation. Less trained rescuers should use alternative airway devices instead. Therefore, a concept to train almost 1,100 emergency physicians (EP) and emergency medical technicians (EMT) in prehospital(More)
This paper defines "electronic publications in medicine (EPM)" as computer based training programs, databases, knowledge-based systems, multimedia applications and electronic books running on standard platforms and available by usual distribution channels. A detailed catalogue of quality criteria as a basis for development and evaluation of EPMs is(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the cost-effectiveness and economic impact of the KineSpring System in the treatment for knee osteoarthritis in Germany. METHODS Functional outcome scores of the general German population and knee osteoarthritis (OA) patients under surgical treatments (HTO, UKA and TKA), conservative treatments and treatment with the KineSpring(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to monitor the muscular changes regarding the isokinetic strength and torque pattern of the quadriceps femoris at the stable athlete's knee after meniscus tear refixation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Therefore 15 athletes (10 male, 5 female) performing recreational or competitional sports at least five times a week(More)
BACKGROUND The outcome of injured patients depends on intrastractural circumstances as well as on the time until clinical treatment begins. A rapid patient allocation can only be achieved occur if informations about the care capacity status of the medical centers are available. Considering this an improvement at the interface prehospital/clinical care seems(More)
These methods are important, but suffer from limited reliability and validity since the outcome of the didactic process is not directly measured. Problem: Is computer-based instruction in pathology better or equivalent to the use of textbooks or printed atlases? Complementary Approach: Outcome oriented evaluation of a CBT program using the methods of a(More)
The management of patients from administrative admission through the orthopedic-surgical treatment to completion of the billing is complex. Additional challenges originate from the necessity to treat patients in both outpatient and inpatient departments and in more than one medical sector. A superior coordination is essential for a successful cooperation of(More)
As of 01/01/2014, the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) has reorganized inpatient medical procedures. The central element of reorientation is the reorganization of the catalogue of types of accidents and type of medical procedures of hospitalized injured patients in 3 care stages. In addition, the reorientation also concentrates on hospitals with(More)