Thomas Arnhold

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In the early phases of current pharmaceutical research projects, huge numbers of compounds are tested on their biological activity with respect to a certain target by experimental or virtual screening campaigns. To reduce the attrition rate in later stages of a project, other relevant properties such as physicochemical and ADMET (absorption, distribution,(More)
Previous studies in our laboratory showed a synergistic interaction of synthetic ligands selective for the retinoid receptors RAR and RXR in regard to teratogenic effects produced in mice (M. M. Elmazar et al., 2001, TOXICOL: Appl. Pharmacol. 170, 2-9). In the present study the influence of phytol and phytanic acid (a RXR-selective ligand) on the(More)
The interaction of a dietary excess of vitamin A (retinoid) and deficiency of methyl-donor compounds was examined in murine early-organogenesis embryonic development. Female mice were fed one of six diets from the time of vaginal plug detection until gestational d 8.0, when embryos were removed and grown in whole embryo culture for 46 h, using serum from(More)
The cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme superfamily plays a major role in the metabolism of commercially available drugs. Inhibition of these enzymes by a drug may result in a plasma level increase of another drug, thus leading to unwanted drug-drug interactions when two or more drugs are coadministered. Therefore, fast and reliable in silico methods predicting(More)
Over the past decade, drug discovery programs have started to address the optimization of key ADME properties already at an early stage of the process. Hence, analytical chemists have been confronted with tremendously rising sample numbers and have had to develop methodologies accelerating quantitative liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry(More)
Vitamin A is a well-established teratogen in all animal species. A number of case reports also suggest a teratogenic potential of vitamin A in humans. A possible teratogenic risk of dietary liver vitamin A intake, the kinetics of vitamin A and its metabolites in humans after intake of either a vitamin A supplement or a liver meal have been studied. Major(More)
A large nurober of investigations have been undertaken to develop technical systems in order to enable a tactile substitution of speech for the deaf. These aids have been evaluated with various experimental procedures (identification and discrimination tests, learning experiments, tracking procedures and other overt behaviour methods). In order to find(More)
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