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Ventilation and Relative Humidity in Swedish Buildings
An important factor for comfort ratio in the indoor environment and affecting human health and well-being is the relative humidity. Studies have shown that about 70% of the staff at Swedish Expand
Sick Buildings or Not: Indoor Air Quality and Health Problems in Schools
Poor indoor air in schools has become a wide-spread problem with serious effects on occupant health. Resultant costs can be considerable at both local and national government levels. These includeExpand
A Study of Sources of Airborne Pollutants and Poor Hygiene in Schools
Poor indoor air quality is a large problem in Swedish schools, since the health of occupants may be affected. Resources are consumed without identification of utility indicators and there is risk ofExpand
Relative Humidity, RH (%), a Problem or Not in Swedish Buildings
In 1972, the oil producing countries implemented an oil embargo on a number of states, including Sweden. During this period, oil was an important raw material for Sweden. The oil accounted forExpand
A Study of Hygiene in Swedish Schools and Pre-Schools-Sources of Air Pollution
Poor indoor air quality is a large problem in Swedish schools, since the health of occupants may be affected. The building itself is often in focus and other building-related problems may beExpand
A Comparison of Relative Humidity between Two Swedish Buildings with Different Ventilation Solutions
This project is based on measurements of the parameter relative humidity, RH (%), in two buildings: one with natural ventilation and one with mechanical ventilation. Both buildings are located inExpand
Indoor environment: Is it possible to use outdoor air in densely populated areas as an indicator of indoor air quality in Swedish buildings
In the last few decades, indoor air problems have increased in Swedish housing, office and school buildings. The problems that are mentioned are mucosal and respiratory symptoms, asthma, skinExpand
Causes of Poor Air Quality in Swedish Schools
This literature survey distinguishes between building and other factors influencing air quality. It does not identify building factors sufficient to account for occupant complaints. It concludes thatExpand
Indoor Air Environment—Hygienic Factors and Limits
Complaints on the indoor environment of the residents in recent decades have become a common problem in the Swedish housing. The buildings themselves are said to be the cause of problems, and it isExpand