Thomas Acker

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INTRODUCTION This phase III study compared efficacy and safety of topotecan-cisplatin (TP) versus topotecan-etoposide (TE) versus cisplatin-etoposide (PE) in chemo-naïve extensive disease small-cell lung cancer patients. METHODS Seven hundred and ninety-five previously untreated patients were randomly assigned to TP (topotecan 1mg/m IV, d1-5; cisplatin 75(More)
Lysosomes constitute only 4% of the intracellular volume of a normal human fibroblast. When human fibroblasts are incubated for 2-5 min with 20 microM [35S]cystine in Krebs-Ringer phosphate solution at pH 7.4, a minimum of 50-60% of the total radioactivity taken up by the cells is found sequestered into the lysosomal compartment in the form of cysteine. A(More)
Traceability and rationale management are highly important—especially in distributed collaborative software development projects due to a lack of mutual awareness and informal coordination among the participating stakeholders. Therefore this papers presents a tool for extracting, visualizing, and analyzing the relationships between requirements and other(More)
Managing large distributed software projects for enterprise applications with traditional methodologies designed for collocated teams often leads to high planning and management overheads. The sequential and plan-driven traditional approaches often do not allow for an adequate reaction to changes in requirements. Today, Extreme Programming (XP) is the most(More)
Social network analysis in software engineering attains an important role in project support as more and more projects have to be conducted in globally-distributed settings. Distributed project participants and software artifacts, such as requirements specifications, architectural models, and source code, can seriously impede efficient collaboration.(More)
In May of 2004, the IEA Wind Implementing Agreement (IA) established R&D Task 24, “Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems.” Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States joined Task 24 with the goal of collaborating in the study of wind integration in a variety of electrical system configurations (load, generation, and(More)
Erlotinib with bevacizumab showed promising activity in recurrent nonsquamous (NS) nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The INNOVATIONS study was designed to assess in first-line treatment of unselected cisplatin-eligible patients this combination compared to cisplatin, gemcitabine and bevacizumab. Stage IIIB/IV patients with NS-NSCLC were randomised on(More)
In wind integration studies, accurate representations of the wind power output from potential wind power plants and corresponding representations of wind power forecasts are needed, and typically used in a production cost simulation. Two methods for generating “synthetic” wind power forecasts that capture the statistical trends and characteristics found in(More)
Wind power forecasting will play a more important role in electrical system planning with the greater wind penetrations of the coming decades. Wind will comprise a larger percentage of the generation mix, and as a result forecasting errors may have more significant effects on balancing operations. The natural uncertainties associated with wind along with(More)
Traceability and rationale management are utmost critical, especially in distributed collaborative software development projects, due to a lack of mutual workplace awareness and informal coordination among the participating stakeholders. Therefore, this paper presents the rationale behind and implementation of a conceptional design for a novel approach to(More)
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