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Increasingly, external forces affect and constrain physicians' clinical decision making and consequently their practice of medicine. Physicians are expected to achieve optimal patient outcomes at the lowest possible cost, which requires that they have quick and convenient access to comprehensive clinical information from different sources. Considerable(More)
BACKGROUND Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems are quickly becoming ubiquitous, and groups of orders ("order sets") to allow for easy order input are a common feature. This provides a streamlined mechanism to view, modify, and place groups of related orders. This often serves as an electronic equivalent of a specialty requisition. A(More)
Choosing a commercial clinical information system to meet the information needs of patient care, research, education, administration, finance, and ongoing changes of the healthcare system of an academic medical center is a challenging task. For the past six months, The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center undertook this task through (i) establishing a task(More)
A new spectrally selective coating based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for solar thermal applications is demonstrated. For optimized coatings solar absorptance coefficients α40.92 and thermal emittance coefficients εo0.1 (400 °C) were achieved. These results render CNT coatings as a low cost and high performance alternative to commercially available vacuum(More)
Many academic hospitals have implemented overnight hospitalists to supervise house staff and improve outcomes, but few studies have described the impact of this role. To investigate the effect of an overnight academic hospitalist program on patient-level outcomes. Secondary objectives were to describe the program’s revenue generation and work tasks.(More)
The successful introduction of a new information system requires technological and behavioral changes. Intended users of the new system should participate in defining goals for the system, examining alternatives for achieving these goals, and selecting from these alternatives. Broad-based end-user involvement is especially useful during the needs assessment(More)
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