Thomas A. Walker

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Partial search has been proposed recently for finding the target block containing a target element with fewer queries than the full Grover search algorithm which can locate the target precisely. Since such partial searches will likely be used as sub-routines for larger algorithms their success rate is important. We propose a partial search algorithm which(More)
Quantum error-correcting codes can protect multipartite quantum states from errors on some limited number of their subsystems (usually qubits). We construct a family of Bell inequalities which inherit this property from the underlying code and exhibit the violation of local realism, without any quantum information processing (except for the creation of an(More)
We quantify the resolution with which any probability distribution may be distinguished from a displaced copy of itself in terms of a characteristic width. This width, which we call the resolution, is well defined for any normalizable probability distribution. We use this concept to study the broadcasting of classical probability distributions. Ideal(More)
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